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No plane on Sundays (usually). Schedule subject to change. Departure times are approximate.
Please confirm your flight at least two hours before departure. Excess baggage and attitudes
must be checked at the gate. All seating is First Class. Please keep your arms and feet inside the cabin at all times.
Remain seated while the cabin is in motion. In flight meals and cocktails are available if you brought 'em.
It's midnight and we're not famous yet!

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PDF Copy of the 2016 flight schedule !!!!


Scroll down to the seaplane " Air Marg 1 "
to check the showtime weather !


Date                             Destination                                                      Time                Status 

                                           06/25/16       Detroit Beach Boat Club, Monroe MI                  8:30p          confirmed

                         07/13/16       Shain Park, Birmingham MI                             7:00p          confirmed

07/14/16        Dodge Park, Sterling Heights MI                      7:00p           confirmed

07/16/16       Centennial Terrace, Sylvania OH                      TBA            confirmed

      07/22/16      Kellogg Park, Plymouth MI                              7:00p            confirmed   

07/27/16       War Memorial, Grosse Pointe MI                     7:30p            confirmed

 07/30/16       A Taste of Downtown, Lansing, MI                     8:00p           confirmed

08/03/16       Memorial Park, St Clair Shores MI                   7:30p            confirmed

                         08/04/16       Tunes at the Tridge, Midland MI                      7:00p            confirmed
                                           08/05/16       Stony Creek, Shelby Twp. MI                          7:30p            confirmed

                         08/12/16       Streeter Center, Traverse City MI                    9:00p            confirmed 
                         08/17/16       County Park, Caseville MI                                7:30p            confirmed

    08/25/16       Keifer Park, Port Huron MI                               7:00p            confirmed

   08/27/16       Harbor Park, Lexington MI                               7:30p            confirmed



Click on the Seaplane below to check the local showtime weather!

Air Margaritaville
the perennial Headliners of the
will be in Caseville again August 22nd,2015
Make Your Plans Early

Below is an excerpt from a newspaper article published 
after a recent Air Margaritaville concert ...  

As Air Margaritaville continued blasting the sea of smiling, cheering,
dancing Parrotheads all the way to Margaritaville heaven under a
full moon during one of their
three encores
around 10:45 p.m.
a tired, grinning Louwers crouched down next to me where
I was snapping photos in front of the stage.
The music was too loud to talk over, so Louwers gestured for
my notepad and pen and scribbled one familiar word
that summed up Cheeseburger 2008 pretty well.
I thought of that word as I drove back downstate from Caseville
on Sunday evening and caught the setting sun breaking
through some low clouds across lush farmland to the west.
The vivid reddish-yellow-orange color could be described in many
different ways, I knew, but for some silly reason what came to
mind was a mixture of ketchup and mustard atop a you-know-what.
The word Louwers had written down is one that seems to
come up quite frequently when people discuss this little town and
its not-so-little August festival... 
AWESOME!  ..."

 RON CAMPBELL: Huron Daily Tribune,


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